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Terminology Key
Gold Marking Meaning
K Karat
KP Karat Plumb
9K, .375, 3796 9 Karat
10K, .416, .417, 41% 10 Karat
14K, .583, .585, 58% 14 Karat
18K, .750, 75% 18 Karat
22K, .916 .917, 91% 22 Karat
24K, Pure Gold 24 Karat
K.P., GP, KGP, GEP, HGP, HGE, EP, GE Gold Plated
KGF, GF, 1/20th Gold Filled
925 Gold Plated Silver
Silver Marking Meaning
.925, Ster, Sterling, SS, Mexico Sterling Silver
.900, Coin Silver, Pure Coin 90% Coin Silver
.800 80% Coin Silver
EP, EPS, EPNS Silver Plated
Oneida, Rogers, Triple Silver, International Silver, Community Silver, 1S, CS Silver Plated
.999, Fine Silver Pure Silver
Platinum Marking Meaning
Plat, Pt., .950 95% Platinum
.900 Pt. or .900 Plat. 90% Platinum
.850 Pt. or .850 Plat. 85% Platinum
Clintonville / Worthington
Locations  >  Clintonville / Worthington

Repasky Gold & Silver : Clintonville / Worthington, Ohio Location

Repasky Gold & Silver is the best place to buy or sell gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, and coins in the Clintonville and Worthington, Ohio area. Delivering the highest possible value to our customers, we pride ourselves on customer service, transparency and convenience. Our mission is to be your most trusted broker in precious metals.

Buy and Sell Gold and Silver in Columbus Ohio
We Buy & Sell:
* Gold
* Silver
* Certified Diamonds
* Estate Jewelry
* Platinum
* Certified Coins
* Paper Currency
* Much more!

Clintonville/WorthingtonRepasky Gold and 
Silver Clintonville/Worthington
190 Graceland Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43214
(at the Graceland Shopping Center
next to Chase Bank)


Manager: Tim Holloway
Hours: M-F 9am-6pm
Sat 9am-3pm
Cell: 614-257-8938


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Clintonville / Worthington
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