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Gold Marking Meaning
K Karat
KP Karat Plumb
9K, .375, 3796 9 Karat
10K, .416, .417, 41% 10 Karat
14K, .583, .585, 58% 14 Karat
18K, .750, 75% 18 Karat
22K, .916 .917, 91% 22 Karat
24K, Pure Gold 24 Karat
K.P., GP, KGP, GEP, HGP, HGE, EP, GE Gold Plated
KGF, GF, 1/20th Gold Filled
925 Gold Plated Silver
Silver Marking Meaning
.925, Ster, Sterling, SS, Mexico Sterling Silver
.900, Coin Silver, Pure Coin 90% Coin Silver
.800 80% Coin Silver
EP, EPS, EPNS Silver Plated
Oneida, Rogers, Triple Silver, International Silver, Community Silver, 1S, CS Silver Plated
.999, Fine Silver Pure Silver
Platinum Marking Meaning
Plat, Pt., .950 95% Platinum
.900 Pt. or .900 Plat. 90% Platinum
.850 Pt. or .850 Plat. 85% Platinum
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Gold Bullion


Do you want to buy gold bullion? Repasky Gold & Silver is a trusted precious metal broker that is knowledgeable about gold.

Gold bullion is a very practical and tradable form of gold that you can purchase for the current price of gold, plus a small percentage of costs that come from fabrication, refining and shipping the bullion to you.

Gold bullion, usually in the form of bars, is a refined and stamped weight of gold. If you want to buy a large amount of physical gold in a cost-effective manner, then purchase large-sized bars. Keep in mind, however, that larger bars have less liquidity, which means that they are more difficult to sell than smaller gold bars.

One ounce gold bullion bars are a very popular size for investors. If you have any questions about gold bullion, contact us today. Repasky Gold & Silver sells gold bullion locally, in Columbus, Ohio, and internationally through our website.

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.9999 One Ounce Fine Gold Bar
Ohio Precious Metals Sealed One Ounce Gold Bar prices are subject to change and normally run spot + $50.00
Sell us your gold bullion for cash. Repasky Gold & Silver 
pays top dollar for your gold, silver, diamonds and jewelry. 
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