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Terminology Key
Gold Marking Meaning
K Karat
KP Karat Plumb
9K, .375, 3796 9 Karat
10K, .416, .417, 41% 10 Karat
14K, .583, .585, 58% 14 Karat
18K, .750, 75% 18 Karat
22K, .916 .917, 91% 22 Karat
24K, Pure Gold 24 Karat
K.P., GP, KGP, GEP, HGP, HGE, EP, GE Gold Plated
KGF, GF, 1/20th Gold Filled
925 Gold Plated Silver
Silver Marking Meaning
.925, Ster, Sterling, SS, Mexico Sterling Silver
.900, Coin Silver, Pure Coin 90% Coin Silver
.800 80% Coin Silver
EP, EPS, EPNS Silver Plated
Oneida, Rogers, Triple Silver, International Silver, Community Silver, 1S, CS Silver Plated
.999, Fine Silver Pure Silver
Platinum Marking Meaning
Plat, Pt., .950 95% Platinum
.900 Pt. or .900 Plat. 90% Platinum
.850 Pt. or .850 Plat. 85% Platinum
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Want to buy NCG certified coins in Columbus, Ohio? Repasky Gold & Silver sells NCG certified coins locally and online through our website.

What is NCG?

NCG stands for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, which is a multinational coin grading service whose guarantee covers all U.S. and World coins certified and encapsulated by NGC. Grading is a team effort, with at least two professional numismatists examining every coin. Coins that have been damaged or display excessive surface hairlines or other detrimental surface conditions must have their surface impairments properly described.

Independent Third-Party Certification and Encapsulation

The NCG grading has revolutionized the rare coin market by changing the way people buy and sell coins. The coins are encapsulated in sonically sealed, hard plastic holders so that you can be sure that the authenticity of the coins is legit.

Buy NCG certified coins today! Our Columbus, Ohio, inventory of certified coins is always changing so check back often for the latest coins for sale. Repasky Gold & Silver sells NCG certified coins for direct sale both locally, in our stores, and also on our website.

We buy certifed coins for guaranteed highest payout. Repasky 
Gold & Silver pays top dollar for your gold, silver, 
diamonds and jewelry. Locations in Clintonville, 
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