.9999 One Ounce Fine Gold Bar
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.9999 One Ounce Fine Gold Bar
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.9999 One Ounce Fine Gold Bar
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If you are looking to Buy or Sell Ohio Precious Metals (OPM) sealed one ounce bars of gold. Repasky Gold & Silver is your trusted company for those transactions. If you have questions feel free to contact one of our locations. Prices are subject to change. Price normally runs + $50.00 over spot. Please allow 7 days to receive item.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest possible value to our customers, customer service, transparency and convenience. Our mission is to be your most trusted broker in precious metals.

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Bank / Wire Transfer $1354.06
Ohio Precious Metals Sealed One Ounce Gold Bar
prices are subject to change and normally run spot + $50.00
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